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For the continuing of the development from Odin with ideeas outside from innotek we have created a experimental source tree from Odin in novenber of 2004. We will hope, that some changes will find the way into the offizial tree. All experimaltal build we will upload to ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/odin/Daily/ with the extension -xp.zip. Dietrich You have also readonly access with CVS to this, like the orginal Odin-Tree. password is also readonly. The CVSROOT for Odin-e(xp)primental is: :pserver:guest@www.netlabs.org:/netlabs.cvs/odin32xp

Daily builds are back!

Thanks to Knut St. Osmundsen the Odin daily builds are back! They will be done each day the changelog got updated. Check the Downloads-section for more!


GCC 3.2.1 required for compiling Odin

We've switched from GCC 3.0.3 to GCC 3.2.1 for compiling NTDLL. More Odin dlls (like MSVCRT) will require GCC in the future. CVS contains a detailed description on how to setup the GCC 3.2.1 build environment.

Small list of tasks for potential developers

I realize it's difficult for people that wish to contribute to Odin to know where to start.
Below is a small list of items that are relatively simple and independant of the core of Odin.

  • GetTimeZoneInformation is broken; gets standard & daylight names in ascii instead of unicode and they are wrong as well.
    Needs to be completely rewritten. (Update: someone is working on that already)
  • WINSPOOL: Implement remaining APIs and complete existing The Win32 printer API resembles the PM spool API quite a lot!
  • TAPI32: Telephone api dll; used by applications to determine modem type and misc info (phone nr, nr to dial out etc). Should return basic information (doesn't need to be 100% accurate) and create a COM port handle that can be used.
  • WINMM: Test and fix wave recording
  • WINMM: Implement the mixer api using the new IOCTL90 mixer ioctls.
As always, you can contact me or the other Odin developers by sending a message to the Odin programmers mailinglist (win32os2-wai@yahoogroups.com).


Odin Windows version change

Odin used to identify itself to applications as Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 applied.

From now on applications will think Odin is Windows 2000 SP2. When you install the next daily or weekly build, you MUST rerun odininst.exe (only if you download zipfiles; Warpin distributions do this automatically)

This is an experimental change. In case it causes too many problems, we will switch back to NT4.

Please report new problems due to this change to the odinusers mailinglist.

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